Company of Heroes 2 Set in WWII Russia

edwardquilo - May 4, 2012 04:44AM in Gaming

Relic Entertainment's vicious World War II strategy game finally has a sequel in the works, Company of Heroes 2. The just-announced title puts keyboard commanders in the Eastern Front campaign of WW2, controlling Russian soldiers over snowy battlefields. Using an updated version of Relic's Essence 3 engine, the game's frigid weather actually adds a major element to the gameplay with the deep snow slowing down Soviet soldiers' progress on foot.

The Russian campaign promises to build upon the brutal elements of the original COH with more destructible environments and a line of sight system called "True Sight" - areas of a map turn grey as a fog of war prevents troops from seeing beyond the haze, enemies remain camouflaged in smoke, or camp out undetected in buildings. Company of Heroes 2 will also have a multiplayer component, and is scheduled for release sometime in 2013.