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Overclocked Sandy Bridge Runs Cooler Than Ivy Bridge CPUs

Category: CPU's
Posted: 04:28AM

Intel's Ivy Bridge lineup has been making headlines with its latest 22nm processors, but many people who overclocked these found the temperatures to be significantly hotter than last year's Sandy Bridge CPUs. This puts the new Ivy Bridge at a severe disadvantage as the cooler Sandy Bridge chips allow for better overclocking headroom. Intel has stated in a recent report that the Ivy Bridge's 22nm die shrink does increase thermal density, but adds that "this is as designed and meets quality and reliability expectations for parts operating under specified conditions." As such, overclocking enthusiasts itching to get their hands dirty with the latest Ivy Bridge CPUs might want to invest heavily on a great cooling setup or just delay buying until Intel comes up with a better batch on its next stepping.

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