Steam Adds Remote Download Function in Latest Beta; Full Launch Soon

bp9801 - May 3, 2012 10:45AM in Gaming

When Valve launched its mobile version of Steam, many people were wondering just when they could purchase a game and also have it start downloading on their computer. Currently you can purchase a game on mobile Steam, but then have to start the download on your computer. A little inconvienent if you wanted to start playing the game as soon as you got home, but that will soon change. Valve is launching a beta version of the remote download function, with a full version expected to launch soon. However, a little snafu rose where some users could not manage their downloads or even boot the games once downloaded. It sounds like Valve has corrected the issue, which means you can remotely manage your account from your phone or another computer. If you are at another computer, you will be able to start the download on your main system to be ready to play when you get home from work or school.