Blizzard Announces Fees for Diablo 3 Auction House

CheeseMan42 - May 1, 2012 06:06PM in Gaming

Blizzard has finally announced the fees that will be associated with the in-game auction house in the upcoming RPG Diablo 3. Items such as armor, weapons, and accessories will be charged a flat fee of $1 per transaction while items such as gems and gold will net Blizzard 15% of the transaction, but only if they are sold through the real money auction house. A 15% fee will also be applied to all items in the gold only auction house, a move that may help to stem in-game inflation. If you want to transfer the money to a service such as Paypal, that will add on another 15%, in addition to any Paypal fees. Money used from the account to purchase other Blizzard items will not be subject to this tax. Each auction will only be open for 48 hours, and will carry a maximum sale price of $250.