Crytek Reneges on Used Games Comment

bp9801 - May 1, 2012 07:56PM in Gaming

Remember the other day when Crytek's director of creative development said next-gen consoles that could block used games is "awesome"? Well now the director is reneging his previous comments to hopefully avoid further backlash. Rasmus Hoejengard has said his opinions do not reflect those of Crytek at large and "was not intended to be taken seriously." This sounds like disaster control mode to smooth things over so soon after the reveal of Crysis 3, and hopefully Hoejengard avoids further complications, serious or not. Used game sales are a hot topic right now, especially in light of the rumors that Sony and Microsoft will block used games in the next-gen systems. Some developers are against used games so it would make sense for the next consoles to block them, but I imagine Sony and Microsoft would risk alienating retailers, other developers, and gamers if the technology is included.