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Watch the Diablo III 'Evil is Back' TV Spot

Category: Gaming
Posted: 06:26PM

For some people the calendar has already switched to May while others still have some of April remaining, but either way you look at it, we are nearly to the day. The day, of course, refers to May 15th and the launch of Diablo III. I know many people are looking forward to get back into the franchise's universe or continue the adventure from the beta. Blizzard has launched the Diablo III "Evil is Back" TV spot, and while it clocks in around 30 seconds, it should be more than enough to get you salivating. Blizzard knows how to create cinematics for its games and this TV spot is no exception. We get just enough of a glimpse of Diablo himself before the video ends, but I am sure we will see plenty more in the game proper. So, when May 15th rolls around, how many of you are going to call in sick?

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That_Guy on April 30, 2012 06:56PM
Kinda bullsh*t trailer. Warcraft3: Arthas' return was the peak of their creativity imo. Along with Starcraft BW Opening
VaporX on April 30, 2012 07:05PM
And the hype just keeps on coming. The trailer has nothing to do with the game play. Why are companies scared to show consumers the actual game?
Waco on April 30, 2012 08:10PM
Game trailers have never really shown gameplay...the whole point of them is to hype up whatever game they represent.
VaporX on May 1, 2012 05:53AM
And that is my point, why are game companies scared to show us the game? I mean as gamers we are already hyped to play so why not just show us the game?
Puck on April 30, 2012 09:53PM
I was hyped for this game until I played the "Beta" (Demo) :(. Way too watered down, and doesn't really capture the essense of D2 for me. Add the lack of PvP at launch and I will give it a few patches to mature before I try it out.
John_Grimm on May 1, 2012 03:02AM
Same here. I've already bough Torchlight 2, its cheap and that alone gets the Devs my support, and the game already looks like a good improvement on TL1, so worth the money. Will take the wait and see strategy for D3.
VaporX on May 1, 2012 05:54AM
John, good for you. If you like that style of play Torchlight delivers it just as good ad Diablo and for less money. Makes a lot of sense to me.

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