Google Drive Officially Announced - Up to 16TB of Storage Available

bp9801 - April 24, 2012 03:27PM in Internet

A couple months back, Google was rumored to be working on a cloud storage solution called Drive. Over time, various leaks and teasers appeared for it, which you can see over at TalkAndroid, and now Google has made it official. The folks over in Mountain View formally announced Google Drive today, which will let you store all the documents, videos, pictures, and more that you want. Google will give everyone 5GB for free, but there are paid options to increase the amount all the way up to 16TB. Yes, that is sixteen terabytes of data, although it will set you back $800 a month. Paid options start at 25GB for $2.49 a month and go up from there, although once you upgrade to a paid account your Gmail storage will increase to 25GB. Google Drive will also let you send email attachments larger than 25MB, which will be perfect for sending video files to your friends or from one computer to another.

Google Docs is built directly into Google Drive, so you and anyone you share a file with can easily make edits to it. You can also comment on different files and receive a notification whenever a friend comments on one of your files. If you think searching all these uploaded files will be a pain, Google has thought of a way to simplify it. You can search for specific words in any file, browse for only photos of a certain location, and more that will be added over time.

Google Drive will work without issue on Windows and Mac, while Android users will need to download an app. People with an iOS device will need to wait a little longer as Google is hard at work to get that platform supported.