Cooler Master Announces Extreme 2 Series Power Supplies

CheeseMan42 - April 18, 2012 05:35PM in Power Supplies

Cooler Master has announced a new line of power supplies, the Extreme 2 Series. Featuring two 12V rails, the Extreme 2 should be a great choice for systems that have multiple GPUs. Cooler Master included "higher quality components and process improvements that allow for higher wattage and amperage loads" in order to put these PSUs over the top. The Extreme 2 will be able to hold up to a wide array of abuse, from irregularities in your home power to extreme heat, with the capacitors able to handle up to 105℃. A three year warranty is included, and the Extreme 2 Series is available as of yesterday. Four models will be available, 475W for $49.99, 525W for $54.99, 625W for $74.99, and 725W for $94.99.