NVIDIA Teases Something on Its GeForce Facebook Page

bp9801 - April 18, 2012 12:37PM in Video Cards

If you happen to head over to the NVIDIA GeForce Facebook page today, you may see a brand-new cover image. The only thing is, this cover image is a massive teaser of some new product. It is a mostly black image with the text "It's Coming" on it, with the NVIDIA logo emblazoned on a shroud of some type. At the top there appears to be something resembling caps, but your guess is as good as mine for what NVIDIA is showing. This could be the remainder of the GTX 600 desktop cards, since right now we only have the GTX 680 available. Whether it is a lower model like the GTX 670 or 660, or perhaps a dual-GPU GTX 690, will have to wait. NVIDIA could also be teasing the GK110 card, rumored to be called the GTX 685, which would really show what Kepler is capable of. Hopefully we do not have too long to find out, so let the speculation begin in the meantime.