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Brian Fargo Discusses Wasteland 2 and Obsidian's Involvement

Category: Gaming
Posted: 06:33PM

The Kickstarter page for Wasteland 2 is winding down (four more days), and Brian Fargo has posted an update answering some questions. First off people were confused on the definition of a party-based game (not surprising considering today's market). Fargo said when you start Wasteland 2, you will customize four Rangers and give each of them different skills to utilize. These skills cover a wide range of abilities, like lockpicking, disarming bombs, and even repairing toasters. This way everybody who plays the game can tailor their Ranger party to specific tasks and essentially ensures everyone will have a different party. There are also three slots available for NPCs to join, which will not be under your direct control. These NPCs could have different quirks to make them unique, like being trigger happy or a cleptomaniac, and it is up to you to decide who to bring with.

Fargo also touched on Obsidian Entertainment's involvement with Wasteland 2, since the Kickstarter fund surpassed $2.1 million. Obsidian will be supplying some tools to speed up asset integration, plus Chris Avellone will be lending his talents. Programming and production reside with inXile and Brian Fargo, with Fargo stating Wasteland 2 is his "baby." Obsidian and Avellone are helping to get the game created faster, plus Avellone can give another creative voice to the design team. Games benefit from multiple angles to ensure a large amount of content, and that is what Avellone can provide.

Wasteland 2 will begin production next week, with Fargo and the team sharing the final vision with the public. Fan feedback is essential to Wasteland 2, so the final vision document will not be available right away.

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