Next Xbox Requires Active Internet Connection, Packs Blu-Ray Drive

bp9801 - April 2, 2012 01:26PM in Gaming

Reports from anonymous tipsters keep pouring in about the next consoles, and this is no different. Another anonymous source (maybe the same on the PS4 rumors) has told VG247 the Next Xbox will require an active Internet connection at all times and use a Blu-ray drive. The Blu-ray drive coincides with earlier reports, but also goes against another, but the always-on Internet echoes the PS4 rumor. The Internet requirement is billed as an anti-piracy measure, although I am sure it could also prevent used games. The Next Xbox will also have Kinect built directly into the console, with enough hardware to power it all. The source said the system will have a "four or six" core CPU and two AMD GPUs, but it will not be anything like a Crossfire system. The two GPUs are said to work independently of each other and can generate content at the same time, with performance of each similar to an AMD 7000 card. Earlier reports said the Next Xbox would use an AMD HD 6670, so once again a conflict arises.

The Next Xbox would ship in the 2013 holiday season, potentially after Sony launches the PlayStation 4.