Asetek Uses Liquid Cooling to Overclock Your Laptop's Processor and GPU

edwardquilo - March 24, 2012 10:51PM in CPU Cooling

Serious PC enthusiasts usually stay away from laptops as primary systems because of the form-factor's extremely limited cooling capabilities. But what if you could install an aftermarket liquid cooling solution that promises your overclocking efforts won't result in enough heat to boil water on your laptop? That's what Asetek's slim form-factor liquid cooling technology aims to do, with an interconnected system designed to cool both the CPU and GPU at optimal levels depending on which component needs it most. A liquid cooled cold plate replaces the traditional heat pipe heat sinks for less thermal resistance.

Asetek was able to successfully overclock a stock Intel Core i7 2920XM 3.5 GHz CPU and dual AMD Radeon HD 6990M GPUs running at 680MHz into stable clock speeds of 4.4GHz for the CPU and 800MHz for the two Radeons. It would be interesting if Asetek also released the temperature readings as well, but perhaps future demonstrations might include those. As indicated the video below, this technology could be geared more towards massive notebooks with cutting-edge mobile hardware. Is this the cooling solution that mobile overclockers have been waiting for? We'll find out once Asetek releases this intriguing cooling technology in the near future.