New Far Cry 3 Gameplay Trailer Launches

bp9801 - March 21, 2012 04:06PM in Gaming

Last month, Ubisoft Montreal took the wraps off of Far Cry 3 with a trailer setting up the story. We get to return to the tropics and, after witnessing a vacation gone horribly wrong, it is up to our character to survive. Today we have a new gameplay trailer of Far Cry 3 that introduces us to Dr. Earnhardt. The doctor is the island's "pharmacist," and he should be able to help you stay alive long enough to get some answers. The trailer also has a fair bit of action included, although you do get to experience a bit of a hallucinogenic trip for part of the video. Dr. Earnhardt provides the narration for the trailer and from the sound of things, sampling the plant life will be key. You will encounter human enemies as well as local wildlife, including what appears to be a Komodo dragon. Far Cry 3 looks stunning already but we will have to wait until September 4th (the 6th in Europe) to experience it for ourselves. The trailer below has a decent amount of language and gore, so it is not safe for work.