Red Harbinger Transforms Your Desk Into a Monster Gaming PC

edwardquilo - March 19, 2012 08:53AM in CPU's

Sometimes building a no-holds-barred gaming rig not only exhausts both your time and hard-earned cash, but it also consumes a big chunk of your precious living space as well. Newcomer to the customized PC boutique market Red Harbinger attempts to solve that predicament by offering a sizeable desk with enough room for two full-sized PCs and three monitors. Called the Cross, its modular design will allow for two systems to be built inside: one strictly for gaming and the other could be a home server. The Cross is capable of single and dual loop water cooling setups, holding 28 hard drives, 14 fans, and Red Harbinger will customize the desk to your heart's content. Nearly everything you can think of can be customized on the Cross, from custom leg plate logos to LED colors to leg colors and glass tint. You can even have a foot rest, headphone stand, monitor mounts, remote control lighting, and a whole host of other options pre-installed. The Cross features wire management built into the legs, which means you should never see any cables trailing out from your desk.

Peter Brands, creator of the L3P desk, is the director of design at Red Harbinger, so you know there is some pretty impressive talent on hand. While Red Harbinger does not sell the Cross with any hardware inside, you can see what some of its sponsors have outfitted one with at the company's Facebook page. Pricing and availability (expected to be worldwide) of the Cross will be announced soon, and you can be sure to keep it tuned to OCC for more information on it.