The Elder Scrolls Online to be Announced in May?

bp9801 - March 16, 2012 02:51PM in Gaming

What is perhaps one of the most rumored games Bethesda could make may finally get a reveal. According to reports, Bethesda is set to reveal The Elder Scrolls Online this May, with more to be shown at E3 and Quakecon. The MMO, if it does come to pass, would likely be set in the Second Era of The Elder Scrolls universe, which would put it well before any of the other games. There will be three playable factions that are represented by a different animal (lion, dragon, bird of prey), but that is pretty much all that is known so far. The bird of prey would either by a phoenix or an eagle, however the sources did not elaborate. All of this could just be pure speculation, but Bethesda and ZeniMax are hiring for work on an MMO, which was believed to be a Fallout MMO. We will just have to wait and see if it turns out being The Elder Scrolls Online.