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'Go with the PC,' Cliff Bleszinski Says to Independent Game Developers

Category: Gaming
Posted: 08:27AM

Everyone here at OCC loves PC gaming, and thankfully, so does Cliff Bleszinski. The famed Unreal Tournament developer so declared his dedication to the PC at 2012's GDC, in a stirring five-minute speech amongst a congregation of the gaming community. Bleszinski explained that the PC platform should be the first choice for any independent startup studio in game development, primarily because of the amount of freedom the PC has against restrictions, as compared to creating titles for the Xbox and PlayStation. "Xbox Live and PSN, skip both of them because you’re at Sony or Microsoft’s will as to what’s on the dashboard," advised Bleszinski. 

While games developed early on might be awful, Bleszinski highlighted that perseverance and passion were the keys to improving your games and getting success. Well-established developers should still stick to the PC, he stressed, and then only consider other platforms as secondary options because reigning console giants Sony and Microsoft might not even consider giving your studio the attention it deserves. Alternatively, Apple's iOS could be considered if a solid touch-control implementation was devised. Bleszinski also added helpfully that if he or Notch like your game, chances are they'll help promote it through Twitter. Epic's corporate backers might not exactly agree with Bleszinski's views, but it's something definitely worth listening to. 

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