Next Xbox Will Ditch Optical Drive, According to Report

bp9801 - March 9, 2012 07:38PM in Gaming

New hardware rumors are always going to appear, and in the case of game consoles, the speculation encompasses a little of everything. Rumors and rumblings on the successor to the Xbox 360 have been appearing for years, but lately there seems to be a bit more than usual. We have already seen some reports, but a new one changes course on the storage medium. Previously the Next Xbox was rumored to use a Blu-ray drive, but a new report says Microsoft will forego an optical drive entirely and instead use "some sort of interchangeable solid-state card storage." The report did not elaborate further on whether it will be a commonly available format or a new proprietary one, but hopefully it would not be too expensive. The report also said the Next Xbox will arrive in 2013, which would support Microsoft's stance of no new hardware this year. Whatever ends up happening for the Next Xbox, do you think the lack of an optical drive would be a smart decision or should Microsoft opt for a Blu-ray drive?