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Roccat Announces Power-Grid - PC Game Controls on Your Smartphone

Category: Gaming
Posted: 01:23PM

Remember that marketing campaign Roccat started a couple of weeks ago, asking "isn't PC gaming dead?" Well, today we find out what exactly the company meant by that, and it is called Power-Grid. The Power-Grid is a mobile app for your smartphone that puts PC game controls directly on the phone's screen. Power-Grid is a free download for your iOS or Android device, and it has four control grids for you to use. The first three grids are pre-defined, while the fourth is completely customizable. The first grid is called the "Incoming Center," and it routes all Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Teamspeak conversation to your phone's screen. The second grid is the "Stats Control" that lets you quickly and easily see CPU, RAM, and video card usage, and even network traffic. The third grid is the "Sound Controls" grid that lets you adjust volume and other music settings from the phone, including media player controls for those who like to listen to other music while gaming. Roccat is also launching the Power-Grid Launcher, which is a free PC app that lets you control and customize the phone app. You can set up custom macros, control icons, and even a "pizza timer" to give you more options on your phone.

If you are wondering how you can connect your phone to your PC to ensure all these grids can work, Roccat has that covered, too. First up is the Project Phobo, the "Phone Board."This is a gaming keyboard with a built-in phone dock in the place of the numpad, and once you connect your smartphone, nearly everything can be controlled via the keyboard. You can write text messages with the keyboard and even answer incoming calls with a connected headset. Project Phobo will also charge your phone while it is connected, ensuring the Power-Grid stays active at all times. Roccat is also going to launch the Apuri 2.0 - a smartphone dock that lets you keep the phone charging for when you need to step away from the computer.

iPhone users will get to try out Power-Grid first once CeBIT 2012 ends, while Android users will get to try it out once Gamescom 2012 starts.

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