Valve Rumored to be Developing Steam Box Console

CheeseMan42 - March 3, 2012 10:21AM in Gaming

Valve is reportedly working on a set-top console for its Steam service to compete with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This would be a very interesting situation, and could help to make the world of PC gaming more accessible. Valve is working on the creation of a hardware spec and hopes to partner with companies that have experience in making the devices. The Steam Box concept would be available to a number of manufacturers that could then load the software that Valve is working on. A demo of the hardware spec was apparently held during CES to potential partners featuring an i7, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GPU. In addition to Steam, the Steam Box would also be able to load games from similar services, including Origin from EA. The Steam Box is a very interesting concept that I will be following closely. According to the rumors, we may only have to wait until GDC or E3 for an official announcement from Valve.