Behold, the Nokia 808 PureView: the 41 Megapixel Camera Phone

edwardquilo - March 2, 2012 10:28AM in Mobile

While only a few camera phones dare to push past the 12 megapixel mark, Nokia has leaped ahead of everyone and crammed in a whopping 41 megapixel camera sensor into its upcoming Symbian smartphone, the 808 PureView. Yes, you read that right, a phone packing in more pixel counts than even Nikon's own 36MP D800. But the 808 PureView leverages on that insane image resolution by using a novel approach to its imaging technology. Nokia actually utilizes a 5MP camera by default, then uses the 41MP sensor to oversample the finished photograph. This translates to a sharper picture, more natural-looking colors, and lesser image noise. In fact, the general consensus among phone previews is that its the best camera phone to date, and if the PureView technology takes off, we might even see this mimicked by Nokia's competitors.

Unfortunately, Nokia made a baffling decision to arm the phone with its Symbian Belle OS, which isn't exactly keeping up with Android and iOS in terms of flexibility and range of available apps. The phone is also on the bulky side, with the sensor bulging at the rear, obviously a side effect to the impressive imaging hardware Nokia packed inside the frame. But while some smartphones essentially place in a camera only as an afterthought, the Nokia 808 PureView is first and foremost, a camera phone.