Quadrotors to make James Bond Proud

Guest_Jim_* - March 1, 2012 12:44PM in Science & Technology

There is a fair amount of research still to do before robots can enter into everyday life, including research into swarming behaviors. Many species of birds, fish, and insects demonstrate swarm activities, such as schools of fish and the well-known V pattern of migrating birds. At the heart of these phenomena is the ability to monitor and adapt to the environment and other obstacles.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania showed off of their quadrotor robots being able to coordinate their movements at the TED2012 conference. The researchers simply setup their laboratory with monitoring equipment, to track the robots and relay position information to them, and musical instruments. The robots were then told where they need to be at certain times, and let them figure out flight paths that will not cause collisions. The result was a robotic performance of the James Bond theme song, as you can see in the video.

At least it wasn’t the theme to a Terminator movie.