PlayStation 4 Not Using Cell Processor, According to Sources

bp9801 - March 1, 2012 03:22AM in Gaming

File this strictly under rumor, but some sources are reporting Sony will not use the Cell processor in the PlayStation 4. Forbes reported last week that AMD would be making graphics processor for the PS4, and now it looks like AMD will make the CPU as well. The Cell processor was the brainchild of PlayStation creator Ken Kutaragi, and he planned for it to make the PS3 the most powerful console ever. However, either due to game development problems or issues with the Cell processor itself, PlayStation 3 games typically look about the same as ones on the Xbox 360 even though it launched a year earlier. Now, if these rumors pan out, the PlayStation 4 will use an AMD CPU and GPU, potentially even one of the Llano products.

Sony could have a leg up on Microsoft, because if the PS4 uses an AMD Llano APU, game developers could begin work immediately using already available Llano products. Last year, id Software's John Carmack said AMD Fusion-like chips are "almost a foregone conclusion" to the future of computing, and it would make sense for game consoles to use something similar. Sony has not revealed anything concerning the PlayStation 4, not even confirming development, so all this talk could just be pure speculation. Microsoft, reportedly, is already showing developers and publishers the Next Xbox (code-name Durango), so maybe Sony wants to be ready with the PS4 just in case.