Flickr Reduces Content Available to Pinterest

CheeseMan42 - February 26, 2012 03:48PM in Internet

I'm not entirely sure what Pinterest is, but several of my friends can't get enough of it. Pinterest has recently implemented some features to help stop the sharing of copyrighted content on its website. The first step was allowing users to flag and report content that has been copyrighted. This method would require a lot of effort by copyright holders to search out all the places that their work was being shared. A new feature allows HTML code to be posted to pages that will prevent content from being "pinned" to the social networking site. Flickr has added this code to its website, and only content that has been marked as safe, public, and has sharing enabled can be added to Pinterest. This should help to reduce the amount of unauthorized copyright use in the future, but won't stop users from taking screenshots of the content that they would like to post to Pinterest.