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Ubuntu for Android - Full Desktop Solution for Docked Phones

Category: Mobile
Posted: 12:28PM

Many of the high-end Android smartphones are or will soon have a dual-core processor, ~1GB of RAM, and plenty of storage for apps, music, and other files. These phones usually have more horsepower than some low-end laptops, but still people carry a phone and a laptop in order to get all of their work done. What if all you needed was a smartphone and a docking station for it in order to get the full desktop experience? That is where Canonical steps in with Ubuntu for Android, a full desktop solution for docked Android phones. Canonical is billing Ubuntu for Android as a great solution for the corporate world, since IT departments will now need just a high-end Android phone and the Ubuntu app instead of a separate laptop/desktop. The Ubuntu app can take advantage of LTE phones, which means cloud-based computing will not suffer due to the wireless connection of the phone.

Ubuntu for Android does not require any massive hardware specifications, and has been designed to work on Android phones already available. This could be the cost-effective solution companies need while not losing out on any productivity. A dock, monitor, keyboard, and mouse would be all that was needed, or even a laptop dock for those wanting added portability. Head on over to the Ubuntu for Android website to check out all the information on it.

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Guest comment
Paul on February 26, 2012 11:44AM
Marvel of engineering! Talk of miniaturization that you have a whole computer + a phone in your pocket.

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