Double Fine's Kickstarter Page Raises $1 Million in Under 24 Hours

bp9801 - February 10, 2012 05:15PM in Gaming

The other day came the news that Double Fine was raising money for a new game. Tim Schafer, the creative mind behind Psychonauts and Grim Fandango, launched a Kickstarter page for donations to get his team at Double Fine enough money to create a new point-n-click adventure game. Not long after the Kickstarter page went live that the $400,000 goal was surpassed. Now, that page is sitting at about $1.5 million with 31 more days remaining. The goal was one million dollars ago, but now it looks like Tim Schafer and Double Fine are going to be able to add a lot more to the new game. Schafer says the extra money can go towards more music and voices, more languages and platforms it can appear on, and an original soundtrack for the documentary. There are still 31 more days remaining, and I think Double Fine will have more than enough money to do whatever it wants for the new adventure game. The Kickstarter record for most funds raised in a day was soundly broken, and at this rate, the all-time record is on the line as well.