More Symantec Source Code Released

Guest_Jim_* - February 9, 2012 12:30PM in General News, Bugs / Virus

About a month after source code for the Norton 2006 antivirus software was released by hackers, source code for Symantec’s pcAnywhere software has been published. As this software is currently in use, the danger of exploitation is far greater. However, the sequence of events has allowed Symantec prepare, at least partially, for this.

Starting on January 18, a hacker claiming to have the source code started negotiations with Symantec. The email thread of the negotiations has been posted online for everyone to see, which is, supposedly, what the hacker wanted. YamaTough, the hacker, has stated he never intended to accept any payment from Symantec and was going to post the source code regardless. The negotiations were just to embarrass the company by showing what it would do to protect itself. However, YamaTough actually was not in communication with Symantec, but law enforcement.

As the negotiations were taking place, Symantec used the time to patch the software as best it could, to make the code dump as useless as possible. Despite the company’s efforts though, these two recent hacks are surely going to hurt it.