Fans Donate $400,000 in One Day to Fund Double Fine's New Adventure Game

edwardquilo - February 9, 2012 06:34AM in Gaming

Today is a great day for adventure gamers everywhere. Yesterday Tim Schafer and company announced their plans to develop a brand new (but old school) adventure game, but needed some help to develop it. Perhaps because major game studios out there didn't want to shell out money for a potential point-and-click masterpiece, Schafer reached out to gamers instead. Turns out there are a ton of nostalgic players out there, willing to part with their cash to experience something new from the oft-neglected adventure genre. The best part is Schafer and the Double Fine staff even roped in the legendary game designer Ron Gilbert to help out in the project. The Grim Fandango designer and the Monkey Island creator both working on a brand-spanking new adventure game? Who wouldn't want that?

Here's how Double Fine's Kickstarter project works: Pledge $15, and you get a Steam copy of the game once it's released in (hopefully) October 2012. Donate an even larger amount and you get cool stuff like autographed posters, your name on the game credits, and your likeness drawn by Double Fine artists. The team has already hit its financial goal (in just one day), but there's still 33 days more to go if you're willing to pitch in and donate. So go ahead - open up that wallet and help out an awesome gaming cause. You know you want to.