The Start Button Removed in Latest Windows 8 Build

edwardquilo - February 7, 2012 08:25AM in Operating Systems

The Start button, that familiar desktop selection first glimpsed in Windows 95, may cease to exist in the final version of Windows 8. As it stands, it has disappeared in the latest Windows 8 consumer build, which can be seen in leaked screenshots replaced with a "super bar." Earlier Windows 8 builds streamlined the Start button to match the Metro interface, but according to reports, Microsoft has been mulling over the decision to scrap the Start button indefinitely. Despite that, the functionality of the Start button hasn't disappeared entirely. It is reported that there will still be a hot corner, which when hovered with your cursor or with a finger swipe, will let you access navigation windows and offer thumbnail previews. This is an effort to provide a more consistent experience between the traditional desktop mode and the Metro UI environment. While this might be jarring to people used to the traditional Start button, the super bar will let users pin favorite shortcuts from desktop applications.

Another gripe some users have with Windows 8 is its apparent focus on touch input and the Metro UI, with the new UI reportedly being an uncomfortable experience when used with a keyboard and mouse, although Microsoft has promised to address that in an upcoming Consumer Preview.