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AMD Reveals Plans for the Future

Category: CPU's
Posted: 03:40PM

AMD revealed its plans for the future yesterday, which focuses on the remainder of this year and all of next year. There is the usual talk of extending out current products with new releases and series, but there was something a bit more curious concerning ARM CPUs. I will get to that last part in a bit, but AMD wants to shorten the time frame between CPU designs to something similar to GPUs, with 18-24 months of separation instead of a few years. AMD will do that by moving away from custom designs for chips, and will instead rely on synthesized layouts and lower power usage. This will also allow for more APUs to be produced, with the CPU and GPU combined on the same die, which AMD sees as a big part of its plans.

There will be three new APU lines released this year: Trinity, Brazos 2.0, and Hondo. Trinity is aimed at performance laptop and mainstream desktop users, and pairs one or two Piledriver modules (succesor to Bulldozer) with an HD 7000 GPU. Brazos 2.0 will have a power usage between 9 - 18W, and packs two Bobcat cores with an HD 6000 GPU. The Hondo line will top out at 4.5W, and will have one or two Bobcat cores and an HD 6000 GPU. All the mentioned GPUs could just be rebrands, so the Trinity APUs will have an HD 6000 GPU while the Brazos 2.0 and Hondo will have an HD 5000 GPU.

As for regular CPUs, AMD will release the Piledriver parts under the FX line, and will have two to four modules just like the current Bulldozer line. 2013 will still see the Piledriver modules used in the desktop line, while the APU lines will get new versions based on new architecture. The server CPU line remains the same this year, while 2013 will see updated versions launch but keep the current number of modules/threads, memory channels, and HyperTransport links. The 2013 versions will be based on Piledriver, however, so the performance will be increased while using the same amount of power.

AMD has more plans as well, which you can read about in full at the source.

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