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Distraction Dodger: The Game

Category: Gaming, Science & Technology
Posted: 04:10PM

Distracted driving is a big issue as it causes a very large number of accidents, and fatalities, every year. The problem is especially evident in teenage drivers who have been exposed to cellphones for a large portion of their life, compared to older divers.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have created a game to educate teenage drivers to the dangers of distracted driving. The belief is some people simply do not understand how important it is to maintain focus while driving, which then makes using a cellphone, changing the radio station, eating, putting on makeup, reading, and any other activity seem less of an issue.

The game, named Distraction Dodger, has the player drive a pizza delivery truck. At first there are almost no distractions or congestion, but as the player advances, the difficulty increases as well. While driving to the next customer you have to watch out for other cars, road construction, jay-walkers, stop signs, etc. Every time you make a mistake, it is recorded and displayed to you in a graph at the end of the level. The graphics and plot may not be even close to Skyrim, but it may still be worth seeing how well you do.

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