Alan Wake Lands February 16 for the PC

bp9801 - February 2, 2012 05:17PM in Gaming

It was not all that long ago when Remedy Entertainment announced Alan Wake would be arriving on PCs in February. Well, February is finally here and that means Alan Wake is right around the corner, with a release date of February 16th. The game will be available on Steam for $29.99, giving a bit of a discount for PC gamers who have waited so long to try it out. Alan Wake for the PC also includes a couple of DLC packs, so there should be plenty there to keep you occupied. Remedy also released the minimum system specifications for Alan Wake, which you can check out below:

All in all, there is nothing too fancy there. However, Alan Wake will be able to take advantage of quad-core CPUs, can support AMD HD3D and NVIDIA 3D Vision (including multiple screens for both), and support for high resolutions and graphics. All in all, it looks like Alan Wake for the PC has been worth the wait, however the proof will be in the pudding. A boxed retail copy of Alan Wake will launch at a later date, but for now it is digital only.

Sources: IGN, Gamespy, and Neoseeker