Augmented Reality Glasses for Crime Scene Investigation

Guest_Jim_* - February 1, 2012 11:31AM in Science & Technology

Not sure if this has been in an episode of any of the CSI television shows, but now if this is it won’t be part of the fiction. The Delft University of Technology has created augmented reality glasses for use at crime scenes. Using a pair of cameras the glasses allow the wearer to mark things at a crime scene for a 3D model. They also overlay a menu above the user’s left hand, when it is in the frame, while the right hand can be used for selecting options and placing markers.

The purpose of this technology is to allow objects and areas of a crime scene to be tagged without disturbing any potential evidence. The tags and 3D video the glasses record can be used in a virtual model of the scene, for use in examining and recreating the crime. Also the cameras have a feed back to a crime lab, which will allow observers not at the scene to help in the investigation.

The glasses, driven by a laptop in a backpack, have thus far been tested in a mock crime scene, but the researchers are working with the Dutch police to test the invention at a real crime scene. Future testing will not only be to perfect the technology, but also to see if it actually offers an improvement over current methods.