Mad Catz Begins Cyborg M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse Pre-Orders

premiumgfx - January 31, 2012 02:07AM in Gaming, Input Devices

Mad Catz has begun pre-orders for its Cyborg M.M.O. gaming mouse. The new gaming mouse offers an adjustable DPI setting from 100DPI to 6400DPI (in 25DPI steps) to cater for all gaming uses. Other features include a dynamic 1000Hz polling rate, up to 50G of acceleration and a tracking speed of up to 6m/sec. Five six-gram weights allow gamers to customise the weight of the mouse, while Teflon feet provide a smooth tracking experience. As the name suggests, the Cyborg M.M.O 7 is aimed at MMO players. To do this the mouse features 13 programmable  buttons, a three-position MMO mode switch and a two-position MMO shift button providing gamers with up to 78 in-game commands. Other customization options include interchangeable pinkie grips/palm rests and the ability to change the length or width of the mouse. The Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O. 7 gaming mouse can be pre-ordered now for US$129.99 here.