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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is Revealed

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Posted: 08:27PM

Back in 2008, Stardock released Sins of a Solar Empire, an immense 4X real-time strategy game spanning an entire galaxy. There is still the fast action of typical RTS games, but you get to command a vast armada in an entire war that 4X games provide. A couple of expansion packs released for it as well, which helped to bring new units, technologies, and enemies to Sins of a Solar Empire. Now, a new expansion pack is on the way, as Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion has been announced. It should launch later this year, hopefully, and the folks over at Gamespy conducted an interview with Stardock's Brian Clair, the producer for Rebellion. The expansion is a stand-alone adventure that will add new ships, new sub-factions, new gameplay modes, a graphical upgrade, and plenty more to Sins of a Solar Empire.

Rebellion takes each of the three factions (TEC, Vasari, Advent) and adds two sub-factions to each: Loyalist and Rebel. Each of the sub-factions will differ between the three main ones, so the TEC Loyalist's are very defensive, the TEC Rebel's are very aggressive, and the Vasari Rebel's are more diplomatic. Stardock did not want to give away too much, but that little bit should give you an idea of what to expect with the sub-factions. Each faction also has a Titan, a "super capital ship," that further defines the stance of that faction. The TEC Loyalist's Titan gives a defensive buff to neighboring ships, which should be ideally suited to players who like to take their time while exploring the galaxy.

There will be six total Titans in the game, and they will upgrade similarly to other capital ships. Clair said the best way to take down a low-level Titan is with a fleet, while one that is a little higher will require your own faction's Titan. A fully upgraded starbase should be able to win out over a low-level Titan as well, however a level 10 Titan will be fairly unstoppable. Stardock currently has players getting a Titan early on, although the expense and research to create one will be great. You will be rewarded the longer you can keep the Titan and increase its level, so it sounds pretty wise to get one built as soon as you can.

There is plenty more to be shown off in Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, so head on over to Gamespy to check out the full interview.

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