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Creation Kit for TES V: Skyrim 'Nearly Ready' - Game Update Info Revealed

Category: Gaming
Posted: 07:21PM

Good news for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gamers, as the long awaited Creation Kit is almost here. Bethesda announced earlier today the Steam Workshop and Creation Kit are "nearly ready," and is working with Valve and some of the modding community to ensure it works without issue. Bethesda is aiming for a public launch of the Creation Kit at the end of January, so we do not have too much longer to go to really mod Skyrim. Now, Skyrim has seen a ton of mods already, but the Creation Kit will allow for so much more, plus the Steam Workshop provides an easy way to download any mod you want. Bethesda also revealed some information about the upcoming 1.4 update, which not only includes support for Steam Workshop but has a ton of bug and quest fixes.

The update is projected to be finished next week, with PC players getting it first while the console gamers have to wait for certification from Sony and Microsoft. The 1.4 update fixes a little bit of everything, so head on over to the source for the full list. Bethesda also revealed PC gamers can opt-in to receive "beta" versions of the updates through Steam, as a means to get the patch to some gamers even earlier. You can always opt-out, and is just an optional feature. The studio is also looking to fix any other issues that have not been addressed, and wants Skyrim gamers to report any bugs.

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