Apple At It Again

Guest_Jim_* - January 17, 2012 10:19AM in Manufacturers, General News

It seems that Apple suing Samsung is a new universal constant as more suits have been filed in Germany. Time for a quick recap: Apple first sued Samsung claiming the Galaxy S phones and Galaxy Tab tablets are too similar to the iPhone and iPad. Even though Apple tampered with images to make the similarities more extreme than they are, the court ruled that the sale of certain Samsung products be blocked. This prompted the development of the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, which is a variant that can be sold in Germany. Now Apple is claiming it and the Galaxy S II phones, amongst other devices, also infringe on Apple patents.

Worth noting is these new suits are actually separate from the original ones. This means the entire trial process will begin again for them, instead of just being added to the current proceedings. All told 10 smartphones and 5 tablets are being targeted by these new suits, according to Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, the world is starting to wonder if the two companies are putting more money into these suits or product development.