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Kingston Unveils CES 2012 Product Announcements

Category: Memory
Posted: 08:15PM

Kingston is one of the names many people think of when they need some memory for their comptuer. At CES 2012, Kingston has revealed some new additions to its memory lineup, as well as new Flash drives and an addition to the Wi-Drive. First up is the memory, with Kingston announcing the launch of the HyperX Red Limited Edition memory and a new look for its HyperX LoVo kits. The HyperX Red provides a stunning new look for the HyperX series while giving everyone the performance they need. The HyperX Red memory is Intel XMP ready and comes in 8GB kits or 4GB single sticks. You have a choice of 1333 or 1600MHz, with a voltage of 1.5 or 1.65. As for the HyperX LoVo kits, Kingston redesigned the heatspreader to resemble the one on the HyperX Genesis while maintaining the same green color as the original ones. The HyperX LoVo are designed to run at low-voltage (hence the LoVo), and only need 1.35v at 1333 or 1600MHz. The HyperX LoVo kits are available in 4 or 8GB.

Next we come to the Flash drives, with Kingston launching the DataTraveler SE9 and Micro. The DataTraveler SE9 comes in a super thin metal case with a built-in key ring so you can easily attach it to your backpack or keychain. The SE9 comes in 8 or 16GB capacities, and its thin size means it will not get in the way of any other USB devices while plugged in. The DataTraveler Micro is one of the world's smallest Flash drives, and its ultra-small design means you can leave it plugged in to a laptop and barely increase the overall size of the computer. The DataTraveler Micro is also available in 8 and 16GB capacities.

Lastly, we arrive at the Kingston Wi-Drive, which is currently available, but now has a 64GB capacity joining the 16 and 32GB ones. The Wi-Drive will also now work with the Kindle Fire in addition to Apple products, provided you have the new app. The Kingston Wi-Drive is a portable, wireless storage solution that will let you stream music, movies, and pictures without the need for an Internet connection or cloud storage. Simply access the Wi-Drive's built-in WiFi signal to check out any content you have stored on the Wi-Drive. The Wi-Drive plugs into a computer via USB to let you transfer as much content as you wish.

The Kingston HyperX memory is backed by a lifetime warranty, the DataTraveler Flash drives have a five year warranty, and the Wi-Drive has a one year warranty. All of the products should be available soon, and can be viewed at CES this week.

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