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Corsair Announces a Bevy of New Products at CES 2012

Category: Cases, Storage / Hard Drives
Posted: 03:34PM

Corsair is no stranger to trade shows, and with CES 2012 getting under way, you bet Corsair has some new products in store. Corsair has announced a couple of new cases, a solid-state cache drive, and the Corsair Link kits are now available. First up we come to the cases, which see a new entry in the Obsidian and Carbide series. The Obsidian 550D is designed to keep your system running cool and quiet, thanks to its use of noise-dampening material on the front and side panels. The covers for the top and side fan mounts also have noise-dampening material to keep your system from being too noisy, plus the fans and drive bays make use of silicone mounts to further cut down on noise. Inside the 550D, you will find eight expansion slots, support for GPUs up to 450mm in length, six tool-free hard drive bays with integrated 2.5" support, four tool-free optical bays, a CPU backplane cutout, and an all-black interior with grommets on the cable routing holes. The hard drive cages can be removed to improve airflow, while there are ten total mounts for fans (two 120mm on the front and one 120mm on the rear are standard). The side panel can have two fans attached to it to better cool your GPU(s), while on the front panel you can find two USB 3.0 ports and audio in/out.

The Carbide 300R case is designed for gamers on a budget who still want big features. The 300R has three tool-free optical bays, four tool-free hard drive bays with integrated 2.5" support, room for GPUs up to 450mm in length, and an all-black interior with cable routing holes. The 300R has intake and exhaust fans included, but five more can be installed, including two on the side panel. The Carbide 300R seeks to give gamers an inexpensive case that does not skimp on the features, and it looks like Corsair will deliver.

Next we come to the solid-state cache drives, with Corsair announcing the Accelerator Series. The Accelerator Series is designed for Windows users wanting to give their PC a boost without a high cost, thanks to the premium caching software from NVELO. Users simply need to install the Accelerator SSD cache drive to their system, install the software, and then reap the benefits provided by the extra speed. There is no need to reinstall Windows with the Accelerator Series or set up a file management system as the Accelerator works with your existing hard drive to give you up to a 5x boost in read/write transfers. The Accelerator SSD cache drives will work with Windows 7 and Windows 8, run on SATA 2 or SATA 3 ports, and come in 30, 45, and 60GB capacities.

Lastly, Corsair has announced the availability of its Corsair Link Cooling Kit and Corsair Link Cooling and Lighting Kit. These two kits combine everything you need to get started with the Corsair Link system, but in a handy starter package. The Corsair Link Cooling Kit contains a Corsair Link Commander, Cooling Node, and Dashboard application, while the Cooling and Lighting Kit adds a Corsair Link Lighting Node and three LED Light Strips. These products are designed to give you better control over your system's cooling and lighting by use of software controls rather than manual controls.

The Corsair Obsidian 550D and Carbide 300R cases come with two year warranties. Both will be available in February, with the Obsidian 550D costing $159 and the Carbide 300R at $89. The Corsair Accelerator Series solid-state cache drives come with a three year warranty and will be available in February. The 30GB model will cost $69, the 45GB at $84, and the 60GB at $99. The Corsair Link Cooling Kit and Corsair Link Cooling and Lighting Kit are available now, with the Cooling Kit at $99 and the Cooling and Lighting Kit at $139.

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