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Microsoft Flight will be Free

Category: Gaming
Posted: 03:09PM

Recently, Microsoft started taking applications for the beta of the next title in its Flight Simulator series. This time, the game is known simply as Microsoft Flight, and seeks to let everyone enjoy flying a plane without the need for fancy equipment. Sure, you can use a flightstick and pedals if you are part of the hardcore flight sim crowd, but you can also fly just fine with a mouse and keyboard. For newcomers to the flight sim world, Microsoft Flight will even let you take control of a plane while it is in mid-flight, eliminating the risk of crashing on takeoff. Microsoft Flight is another first for the series by being a free download. You will get access to the big island of Hawaii and the Icon A5 airplane with your free download, while other aircraft and the remaining Hawaiian islands can be purchased for a small fee.

Yes, Microsoft Flight is limited just to Hawaii, but there are various missions and challenges for you to do while flying around. You can even join up to fifteen of your friends online to either fly around together or complete any challenges you wish. When you sign in with your Games for Windows Live account to play with your friends, Microsoft will give you the Boeing Stearman N25 for free, as well as additional challenges. Microsoft Flight will run on a wide variety of hardware, meaning you do not need an ultra powerful rig to run it, but it will look even better on the more powerful systems.

Microsoft Flight is a different approach to the flight sim genre, but one that should bring even more people into the fray. Microsoft Flight will launch in full this spring.

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MJCRO on January 4, 2012 03:30PM
So it's just Hawaii? pff, X-Plane here I come.
SpeedCrazy on January 5, 2012 05:05PM
Free = Win!

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