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Bastion Sells 500,000 Copies, Team Will Self-Fund Next Game

Category: Gaming
Posted: 04:46PM

Supergiant Games' debut title was the action-RPG Bastion. The game has a unique art style and story, but what really sets it apart is the narrator who details your every action and helps to provide some background for your character. Bastion has been on sale recently, and thanks to that, has now sold over 500,000 copies. Supergiant Games is enjoying the success of Bastion, and its next game will have the team taking its time to get everything right, as well as self-funding the development. The "core team" at Supergiant will be staying together to develop it, but the next game will not necessarily be Bastion 2. The team at Supergiant intended Bastion to stand on its own, and will only do a sequel if the development team wants to make one. It will not be motivated by money, but rather a desire to return to the world of Bastion. That kind of philosophy is kind of refreshing in a day and age of countless sequels, and for those hoping to see more of the Bastion universe, perhaps Supergiant will work on some more DLC.

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arun on January 5, 2012 01:20AM

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