New Draft on Protecting the BIOS

Guest_Jim_* - January 6, 2012 12:01PM in Bugs / Virus, Science & Technology

As overclockers we are quite aware of the utility of the BIOS. It starts before the operating system, so changes made in it are independent of the software on the hard drive. This not only makes it powerful when trying to get the most out of a machine, but also makes it a potential target to hackers and virus writers.

This past September, Mebromi was found; the first known piece of malware made to infect the BIOS. Fortunately a method to remove this Trojan has been created, but it does still show it is possible to attack this fundamental component of a computer.

The NIST has released a draft of its security publication on how to secure and monitor the BIOS. This should lead to the development of products to maintain the integrity of a computer’s BIOS as well as methods to deploy them.