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Turbomachinery Simulation Optimized

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 03:03PM

You may not realize it but you use turbomachinery every day. These are machines which transfer energy between a rotor and a fluid, like the fans and pumps in computer cooling systems. Some of these cooling systems have unique designs, such as specially angled fan blades, to, supposedly, improve performance. To accelerate the design process of turbomachinery the Ohio Supercomputer Center has worked to optimize some simulation software. The better and more available a simulation, the faster and cheaper a design can be tested.

Named TURBO, this piece of software can now be efficiently run on a large computer cluster, which should prove quite beneficial to the industry. While the obvious means of testing some pieces of turbomachinery would be a wind tunnel, these facilities can be expensive to operate and maintain while also being limited in the information they can gather. Probes cannot be placed just anywhere in a wind tunnel, but in software there is practically no limitation. This allows for a greater level of experimentation by engineers as products will not have to be manufactured to be tested.

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