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SOPA Supporters Listed

Category: Internet, General News
Posted: 10:48AM

Officially named H.R. 3261 and the Stop Online Privacy Act, this bill has earned many other monikers, and very few are positive. Those of you who follow technology news and our forums will have already heard about this bill as well as the Senate equivalent Protect IP Act. These are both bills which would grant the United States Federal Government, and even some private companies, the ability to very effectively shutdown access to a foreign website, if it is "dedicated to the theft of US property." The site could be removed from DNS registrars, which convert domain names into IP address, and have all financial transactions that pass through companies in the United States stopped. There are reasons this bill is considered censoring of the Internet.

Something I have noticed is how little this bill has been reported by the national news. There could literally be hours of commentary on these two bills for any news organization. So why is it not being covered? Perhaps the fact that some of these news organizations, or their parent companies, support the bill has something to do with it.

From Judiciary.House.gov comes the list of SOPA supporters and it includes ABC, CBS, Comcast/NBCUniversal, News Corporation (parent company of Fox News), and Viacom, amongst many others. Of course all of these organizations also have reasons to defend against piracy, but the public and congressional debates on whether this is the right way to do so are ongoing.

Gizmodo has compiled a list for contacting every supporter mentioned.

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