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Kindle Lending Library Opened to KDP Titles

Category: Gadgets, General News
Posted: 05:29PM

Amazon has recently announced KDP Select to allow titles published through the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) system to be available in the Kindle Lending Library. The Lending Library allows Amazon Prime members to download one book per month to their Kindle device, absolutely free. The selection of titles was previously restricted to more mainstream ebooks, and not Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) titles. With KDP Select these titles can be made available to the library, and the authors will get paid, based on the number of downloads of their titles.

For the remainder of December 2011, $500,000 will be split between the authors based on how many of their titles were lent from the library. If 100,000 KDP titles are borrowed from the lending library this way, and one title is borrowed 1,500 times, the rights holder will receive 1.5% of the $500,000 ($7,500). Next year at least $6 million will be spread amongst the KDP Select titles. For an ebook to be eligible, it must be exclusively available through KDP.

Also started with KDP Select is the ability for a rights holder to hold a promotional sale on a title. For up to five days of every KDP Select period (90 days) a title can be downloaded for free.

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