MLG 2011 Pro Circuit is Biggest Season in E-Sports History

bp9801 - December 6, 2011 06:36PM in Gaming

The 2011 Pro Circuit has just finished for Major League Gaming, and with it comes some good news. MLG has announced it had more than 3.5 million unique stream viewers, setting the record for the most viewers in an e-sports season. The championships were held the weekend of November 18th, in Providence, Rhode Island, and there was an all-time high of 241,000 peak concurrent online viewers. That included fans from 175 countries, which is yet another e-sports record. You can view some more stats in the included picture, but some of the highlights include: an average watch time of over three hours per visitor, 20,000 in-person spectators at the event in Anaheim, California, and more male viewers ages 18 to 24 than several TV networks in an average quarter hour. Overall, those are some pretty nice numbers for MLG, and just shows how e-sports are growing in the United States.