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Rumored Wii U Specs Turning Heads

Category: Gaming
Posted: 02:30PM

Out of the big three console makers, Nintendo was the first company to announce a next-gen console, the Wii U, back in April. The company also had a prototype showcased at E3 in June, but we didn't know much about the system specifications; until now. Specifications for the next generation Nintendo console were supposedly leaked to Wii U daily, and if the source turns out to be correct, we'll have another console war on our hands. The first thing about the new console that jumps out is the processor; an IBM made quad-core PowerPC processor running at 3GHz, a chip that is "very similar" to the 3.2GHz processor you find in the Xbox 360. Other points of interest include 768MB of eDRAM, which is built onto the same die as the CPU, and an unknown 40-nm GPU, supplied by AMD. All of this is very interesting, but a few details jump out for the wrong reasons. For instance, IBM has previously hinted that the Wii U would utilize a Power7 variant of its Power processor architecture, and not a PowerPC chip as stated in the specs. There is, however, a Power7 chip that runs at 3-Ghz, so the article may have had a typo or misprint. There is also an issue with the memory listed, mainly that eDRAM is extremely expensive, and would beef up the size of the console considerably. As an example, the Xbox 360 has 10MB of eDRAM, and the Wii has 3, so it is more likely that the 768MB will be the main memory of the console, and have something closer to 32MB of eDRAM. In either case, a console running these specs would be considerably faster than the current offerings from Sony or Microsoft, so get ready for an interesting year for consoles.

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