Public Windows 8 Beta Could be Coming in February

edwardquilo - December 5, 2011 08:09AM in Operating Systems

2012 is promising to be a year with a lot of Windows 8-related activities. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is headlining the CES with a keynote address on Redmond's touch-enhanced OS, and rumors abound that the public will also be given access to the Windows 8 Beta shortly after CES concludes. According to Read Write Web, the public beta will be available in the latter part of February. There was no mention as to which features would make it into the build, as the Windows 8 engineers are still deciding on which components to include. A slick touch interface(optional), faster boot times and a quicker, streamlined OS installation are just a few of Windows 8's interesting new attractions. As such, if this rumor proves to be accurate, we'll finally have some first-hand experience at some of the enticing features Microsoft has been teasing us with for the last few months, and that's a good thing for those itching to take a peek at what Windows 8 has to offer.