Beta Registration for Microsoft Flight Now Open

bp9801 - December 2, 2011 11:09PM in Gaming

Microsoft's Flight Simulator series has been one of the more popular flight sims since its introduction many years ago. The last entry was Flight Sim X in 2006, but Microsoft put the series on hiatus soon after. Now, Microsoft is ready to reboot the series with the simply named Microsoft Flight. The company has announced it is accepting registrations for the upcoming beta starting in January. If you're a fan of the series or flight sims in general, this would be a good chance to try out the latest from Microsoft. The team will go through all the submissions over the next few months and will respond to qualifying entries throughout the beta phase. Missions in Microsoft Flight will range from waypoint challenges to aerobatic displays, plus there will be some light, story-based missions where you may locate missing people or carry cargo/passengers. It looks like Microsoft Flight focuses on smaller propeller planes versus the jet-powered aircraft of past titles.

No release date for Microsoft Flight has been announced, but the beta starts in January. Feel free to register for the beta here.