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More PS Vita Information Revealed - Custom Game Soundtracks and 720p Video Support

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Posted: 02:28PM

The Sony PlayStation Vita may still be a few months away from launch outside of Japan, but today we learn some new information concerning the upcoming handheld. Sony is in negotiations with Adobe to add Flash support to the PS Vita's web browser, but since Adobe recently announced it would stop supporting Flash on mobile devices, Sony looks to be facing an uphill battle. Videos on the PS Vita will display in 720p, but 1080p support will not be included at launch. A future update could add in 1080p, but since the Vita only has 544 pixels of vertical resolution, the videos will have to be scaled down.

Games will be able to support custom soundtracks, which requires you to use the Vita's Media Player. You can start listening to music in the Media Player, switch to a game, and then have the music play in the background. Sony said game sound effects should still play without anything special needing to be done, and you will be able to use a custom soundtrack for every game. The PS Vita will also have PSP backwards compatibilty that is achieved through hardware and software, but not many details were divulged on that.

Lastly, earlier this week a GameStop leak revealed the prices for the PS Vita memory cards. The price is rather high for a proprietary card that resembles an SD card, but Sony explains why it did not just use an SD card. Sony wants to make sure every PS Vita owner is on equal footing, and since SD cards have different speed ratings, Sony did not want a gamer to have a slower transfer rate than one of their friends. Sony is also concerned with the security of SD cards, so a proprietary format was chosen. Sony also explained the PS Vita memory cards are not simply to store save game data, but also for DLC, patches, game data, and more.

The Sony PlayStation Vita launches on February 22nd, 2012, in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Australia.

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ekiM on December 2, 2011 06:37PM
Sony was concerned that they weren't going to make any money by their customers using SD cards*

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