Chrome Gains Browser Market Share

CheeseMan42 - December 1, 2011 05:32PM in Internet

The November numbers are in for internet browser market share, and Firefox continues to lose ground to Chrome. Chrome was up 0.56%, Firefox is down 0.37%, IE gained 0.01%, Safari is down 0.43%, and Opera lost 0.01%. Internet Explorer still rules the market at 52.64%, Firefox is in second at 22.14%, and Chrome now sits at 18.18%. Chrome has been on the rise for months now, and should overtake Firefox in under six months at its current pace. There was significantly more volatility in the mobile browser market, with Safari seeing a significant drop off, while Opera Mini saw a sharp increase. Just for reference, I install Chrome on every computer I use, and recently switched from the Android browser to Opera Mini. I would recommend both of them.